Fuck friends are becoming a way more common type of sexual relationship. People enjoy the instant gratification they can get from the type of low maintenance hookups. When there are no-strings-attach, no baggage, and no complications, you and a fuck friend can just focus on the fun stuff. Plenty of girls are into this kind of arrangement, but for some reason, guys have trouble initiating a fuckbuddy relationship in the beginning. Either they fear the reaction from a chick who might be insulted or they plain don’t know what to say. In this article, you’ll learn how to initiate that fuckbuddy relationship.


You always have fuck sites

One thing to always remember is that hookup sites are available to you if you are having trouble finding a fuckbuddy. These are websites designed to help people who just want to hook up find each other. You can use fuck sites to find fuckbuddies in your area. This makes initiating the relationship a piece of cake because you can literally just use the filters to find exactly what you are looking for. Plus, everyone is in the same boat. They are all looking to have sex.


For people who already have a potential fuckbuddy in mind, the sites aren’t going to help. You need to know the steps to take with that person so that you communicate that you are looking to become friends-with-benefits and not a long term boyfriend. The best fuckbuddy relationships last for 3-6 months. Anything beyond that tends to get a little complicated because one party usually ends up developing feelings.


What To Say

Initiating a fuckbuddy friendship takes a bit of finesse. Most people who aren’t on fuck sites don’t respond that well to, “want to be my fuckbuddy?” It should be that easy though because fuckbuddies are supposed to be one of the most straightforward sexual relationships out there. The easiest way to initiate a fuck friendship is to simply initiate flirty contact. Make sure that when you start talking to the person you want to fuck, most of the conversation (either texting or in-person) has a sexual connotation to it. You can talk about casual things from time to time, but make sure to keep that type of chatting limited. She doesn’t need to know about your stress from work or daily life. The chatting should be sexual and upbeat as much as possible.


How to set yourself up for fuckbuddy success

Now that you’ve gotten a girl to agree to hang out with you, you need to play your cards just right so she understands that what you two have is based solely on casual sex and not going to turn into anything more serious. Below are some rules to follow when you are just starting to develop a fuckbuddy relationship:

Have sex the first time you hang out: The first time you really hang out is going to set the tone for the rest of your fuck friendship. If you don’t have sex at all, it was a date. Do you really want to be dating this girl, or are you trying to find a fuckbuddy? That’s why you need to have sex the first time you hang out with each other. It will show her that sex is the basis and foundation of the friendship.

Hit her up late at night: Fuckbuddies are essentially people who you can booty call. If you contact a fuckbuddy later in the night instead of during the day, you will give her the impression that you are calling for sex without suggesting any sort of romantic intentions.

Don’t spend too much time together at first: Once the fuckbuddy relationship has been established for a few weeks, you can see your fuckbuddy more frequently. However, at first, you need to be guarded with your time. Don’t exceed seeing a fuckbuddy more than twice per week in the beginning of the fuckbuddy relationship.

Avoid emotional sex: Sex with someone you care about deeply tends to be emotional. But sex with a fuckbuddy can sometimes stray into that territory also. Avoid emotional sex by choosing sex positions which are less intimate. Rather than up-close missionary with eye-contact, opt for the less connected but equally hot doggy style position.

No cuddling: This is a challenge for a lot of people but pillow talk is where feelings start to develop. Avoid this altogether by simply not cuddling after you and your fuckbuddy bang. There is so much less confusion between fuck friends when cuddling it cut out of the picture.

Try to avoid sleepovers: Do your best to avoid the sleepover. Sometimes, it’s late at night or you’ve had a few brews and you don’t want to drive home. It’s understandable but the less frequently sleepovers happen, the better.


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