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Crazy Sex Positions To Try With Your Fuckbuddy

Now that you've had a fuckbuddy for a while, you might be feeling like the sex has gotten stale. But stale, as we know, is the last word you'd want to associate with your friend-with-benefits. Sex with a fuckbuddy is supposed to be exciting and fresh, not bland and blah.

September 28th, 2020

How To Have A Fuckbuddy in Quarantine

The year 2020 has been a surprising one to say the least, and it's been very damaging to the fuckbuddy lifestyle. Meeting random people for casual hookups used to be a pretty low-risk activity. Today, meeting anyone random for any reason is high risk. The fuckbuddy world has been completely

September 21st, 2020

Catching Feelings For Your Fuckbuddy? Try These Tips!

The most important fuckuddy rule in the proverbial handbook is to not fall for your FWB. When you entered into the fuckbuddy agreement with each other, you both promised to one another that feelings wouldn’t get in the way of your good time. But, we are only human. And sex

September 14th, 2020

Tips On How To Have The Best Escort Experience

We all know that getting fucked is one of life's great gifts. It feels good to be connected to another person, both physically and emotionally. Even though a friends-with-benefits negates some of the emotions tied to sex, having sex with a fuckbuddy still provides a connection in an interesting way.

September 7th, 2020

Random Places In Your House To Bang A Fuckbuddy

Monotony is like poison to a fuck buddy relationship. When things go stale or get boring, the spark that was once alive dies. There’s really no reason to keep having casual sex with someone who doesn’t excite you, as hookups are supposed to be an exciting part of your life.

August 31st, 2020

Anxiety Might Make You A Better Fuckbuddy

Anxiety and sex don't always mix in most people's minds. An even less likely pair is anxiety and fuckbuddies. Friends with benefits would seem, in theory, to work best for folks without anxiety. It's a low stress, low emotion, purely sexual thing. But, anxiety can actually make you pretty good

August 17th, 2020

How To Use A Vibrator, For Lonely Ladies In Quarantine

Quarantine has been quite rough on the fuckbuddy community. It's causing people to fear something once held sacred. The fuckbuddy relationship might be on the fritz, but that doesn't mean that your orgasm should be delayed or gone. There are plenty of ways to have a solo orgasm, and likewise,

August 10th, 2020

How To Get A Fuckbuddy

Fuckbuddies are a totally essential relationship for folks who are single or in an open relationship. They are fun, casual, and provide orgasms without any responsibility. And while they seem to dominate the millennial generation, a fuckbuddy can be good for anyone regardless of age. It's no wonder that they

August 3rd, 2020

How To Turn Your Fuckbuddy Into A Relationship

Fuckbuddies are always a fantastic time. It's all of the fun without any of the strings. All of the sexy times without any of the emotional ones. Even in a friends-with-benefits situation, where emotions are more prevalent because friendship is there, there's no real responsibility to the other person. While

July 27th, 2020

Is Your Fetish Strange?

As a fuck site, we don't believe in sex-shaming. in fact, we encourage all types of weird kinky behavior that involves consenting adults. Getting your rocks off is important and healthy. Suppressing your fantasy because you think it's strange isn't going to do you any good in the long run.

July 20th, 2020