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A Few Fuckbuddy Phone Sex Tips For Men

Sometimes, your fuckbuddy can't fuck when you want them too. Maybe they're out of town or don't have time to truly do the deed. Rather than getting sexually frustrated, or heading over to Pornhub, maybe you two can try phone sex!   This can be very intimidating, especially since most

November 25th, 2019

Music To Fuck To (With a Fuckbuddy)

We get it, you love having sex to music. And why wouldn’t you? Certain types of music have the power to get you in the mood to have sex. That’s obvious, but what you might not understand is why it gets you in the mood! According to an article by

November 16th, 2019

We Bet You’ve Never Heard These Hilarious Sex Slang Terms

Whoopie, blow job, pearl necklace, head. Blumpkin, doggy, BDSM! It sounds like Suessical the porno. If you’ve heard most of the terms in our little sexy rhyme, you might be an expert when it comes to sexual slang. Usually, when something evolves, it becomes more sophisticated. Sadly, this doesn’t really

November 5th, 2019

Ways For Females To Amp Up The Pleasure

Timid and shy thinking it’s all about the guy? It is time to put that thinking to rest, especially when we are talking about a fuckbuddy. What is the point of a fuckbuddy after all? It’s to get yours without any strings attached, a quid pro quo, a “I scratch

November 1st, 2019