It's a Fuck Site

This Is Not a Regular Dating Site, It's a Fuck Site

BuddyBang is a casual sex site made to find a fuck buddy, not a soulmate. Casual sex near you, friends with benefits, and local fucks are what you'll find. Nobody on BuddyBang is here for a serious relationship.

Why People Love BuddyBang

BuddyBang is like having a Fastpass at Disney, only the rides are a little bit different. Gone are the days of exhausting dinner dates and reading between the lines to see if you’re going to get between the sheets. Finding fuck buddies has never been easier. BuddyBang is a place where adults come to fuck. It’s not an escort site or cam site, nor is it like other dating sites. It's a fuck site where real, live, sexy people in your area are looking for some no-strings-attached mind blowing fucking. And the best part is, unlike other fuck sites, BuddyBang has a quick signup process. It’s the perfect place to find an ongoing fuck buddy relationship or a one-night stand. Start your journey to find a fuck buddy (or multiple fuck buddies) tonight!

Quick And Easy Sign Up

Quick And Easy Sign Up

Sign up with your email in less than 3 minutes. No time-consuming profiling process. Fat, poor, ugly? These girls don't care.

Advanced Matching Algorithm

Advanced Matching Algorithm

5-mile radius matching with women who have expressed interest in casual sex within the last hour.

Sexting Encouraged, Meeting Guaranteed

Sexting Encouraged, Meeting Guaranteed

Now you've been matched and it's go time. Put your best foot forward - it's time to fuck someone in your city tonight!

How To Fuck (And Not Fuck Up)
On Casual Sex Sites & Apps

Use a friendly profile pic Girls naturally gravitate towards photos with faces in them (sorry, she doesn't want to see your dick) that seem friendly, nice, and safe. Uploading a picture of your torso, or attempting to be cool under some dumb sunglasses is not going to get you the girl. Start with a smile, show your face, and hide your dick. She'll find it eventually.
Keep Your Dick Pics To YourselfUnless a girl specifically asks for a dick pic, do not send her one. Guys are visual creatures and love to get pics of tits and ass. But girls, especially those shopping for sex online, are interested in feeling safe. Your out-of-nowhere dick pic is scary to your potential sex partner.
Know your role A fuck buddy is someone who you can fuck with no strings attached. It's not a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but rather someone who you keep around to fulfill your innate need to fuck. Don't pressure your fuck buddy to be something she isn't. Friends with benefits are slightly different in that you are friends and may discuss your lives, but you are still both in a no-strings-attached casual sex relationship.
Stay safe onlineDon't get scummed, involved in illegal activities, involved with minors, or engage with people you think are dangerous.
Don't be demandingWomen, even the ones on sex sites, are emotional creatures. If they've been in the online bang game long enough, they've received some filthy sexts and demands from men. Don't be one of those guys. Treat her like a human being...who you want to fuck.
Be upfront: If you are interested in having an ongoing friends with benefits or fuck buddy relationship, make that and get out (in other words, have a one night stand), tell her ., for lonts.poleapis co "
Avoid meeting friends or familyDon't get too close to your fuck partner. These outside relationships only make you closer friends with less benefits. Don't let your casual fuck relationship turn into casual dating relationship.
Don't get clingyThese girls online already want to meet you and fuck you. You don't need to get creepy or clingy. If a girl stops wanting to fuck you, there will be others willing to start a fuck relationship with you.
Avoid corny pick up linesFuck sites are very cut-to-the-chase. Don't waste her time with a corny line she's gotten before.
Stay safe in personwrap it up. STDs suck.

Why Are People Embracing
The 'Fuck Buddy' Today More
Than Ever?

Sex is everywhereThe digital age has brought us dating sites and fuck apps, making it easier than ever before to find a sex partner to meet and fuck. These days, images of fucking and sex are just everywhere. From movies, to ads, to social media, accessibility to online porn, dating and fuck apps like Tinder, Grindr, Ashley Madison, etc., sex is thrown in everyone's faces all the time. In a way, we've become numb to the idea of casual sex and friends with benefits. People aren't shocked by movies with sex scenes, sharing of sexts online, or people speaking openly about sex in general. Casual fucking just ins't a big deal anymore.
Marriage isn't as importantBack in the day, marriage was the end all be all. But, this has changed. People are living longer, meaning they are shacking up much later. Also, women are becoming more independent and less pressure is placed on them to find a spouse. In fact, women are encouraged to fuck freely before marriage (because they might not even go through with it at all). Friends with benefits has always been an attractive sex option for men, and now that women are on board and willing to forgo commitment, fucking is more rampant than ever before!
People love to fuckIt took us a while, but thankfully the world is comfortable admitting that we love to fuck. We love to fuck our friends, we love to fuck our neighbors, and we love to have casual sex with strangers at bars. Plain and simple, people love to fuck. Only now, we're not afraid to admit it and actually do something about it. Why suppress the urge when you can easily meet and fuck tonight?

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