This Is Not a Regular Dating Site

BuddyBang is a fuckbook to find a fuckbuddy, not a soulmate. Meet and fuck locally tonight.

Real People

No fake profiles. Talk to real local ladies who are DTF

Unlimited Messaging

Get your flirt on with free, unlimited messaging

Prioritize Privacy

BuddyBang prioritizes privacy. We don't share your personal information

Why People Love BuddyBang

BuddyBang is like having a Fastpass at Disney, only the rides are a little bit different. Gone are the days of exhausting dinner dates and reading between the lines to see if you’re going to get between the sheets. Finding instant sex has never been easier. BuddyBang is a place where local adults come to find casual sex. It’s not an escorting or webcam site. It's a fuck site where real, live, sexy people in your area that are looking for some no-strings-attached mind blowing sex. And the best part is, unlike other fuck sites, BuddyBang has a quick signup process. It’s the perfect place to find an ongoing fuckbuddy or a one-night stand.


Find your kink

Anal? Blowjobs? Nurse fantasy? Our app has the largest fuck pool available! Someone out there is horny for your fantasy. Add your likes and dislikes to your profile to find your perfect fuckbuddy fast!

Get fucked immediately

Horny sluts, moms, teens, or daddys are waiting for you! Everyone’s ready to go, so you won’t have to wait!

Find a long-term fuck buddy or a one-night-stand

The sky is the limit with BuddyBang!

How it Works

It works like other dating apps in that it allows you to swipe through local people in the area, but there are no games. Everyone who uses BuddyBang is looking to get off, and that’s it. It’s about finding someone that you want to fuck, and then meeting up to fuck them! The best part about BuddyBang is it's a fuck site where everyone is real and in the mood. A mutual desire is established between two members and it doesn’t feel slimy or contrived in any way. Once you match, you know that it’s on!

Is a Fuckbuddy Right For You?

Casual sex is not for everyone, but it’s pretty damn awesome. It offers a small corner of society where the rules do not apply. Your fuckbuddy won’t judge you, is into the same kinky wild sex you love, and is not going to expect anything from you except sex. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Start looking!

Your fuckbuddy (also known as your friend with benefits, your sex friend, your lover, your playmate, your booty call, etc.) is someone who is available to you when you need some good, hot sex without any of the emotional baggage or attachment. It’s a fantastic thing for a single person to have in their life, because, let’s face it - we all need to get fucked sometimes. So, how does one get, enjoy, and keep a fuckbuddy around?


Getting the FuckBuddy

Finding a fuckbuddy has not always been easy, which is why BuddyBang was created in the first place! This is a fuck site to find one or many! Once you match with one on BuddyBang, you’ll need to find out if you want this person to be a one-night-stand, a fuckbuddy, or just a pal. It’s something that you’ll know after the two of you meet for the first time. If you meet up and find that you and your fuckbuddy want to meet again… Congratulations! You’ve just found one!


Enjoying the FuckBuddy

Once you have established a fuckbuddy relationship with someone, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind so that the two of you can enjoy the relationship! At the end of the day, it comes down to these simple rules:

  1. Don’t get emotionally attached: This is the NUMBER ONE rule when it comes to enjoying your fuckbuddy relationship. Remember, this is a NSA (no-strings-attached) relationship unless both parties want something more.
  2. Experiment: Having one means having someone to experiment with sexually! It’s a time for you to have some non-judgmental fun. Talk about your kinkiest fantasies with them. If they're on board, test it out!
  3. Protect yourself: Always meet in public before you meet in a private space for the first time. Additionally, make sure to protect yourself from pregnancy or STD’s.
  4. Have an open mind: They are going to want to experiment too. Keep an open mind! You never know what you might be into!
  5. Be prepared for when the mood strikes: One awesome thing about having a fuckbuddy is that you can call them at any time for a bang sesh! It’s nice to have some fresh lingerie or deodorant handy in your car or gym bag for when the mood strikes!
  6. Be yourself! There’s no need to impress them or feel nervous around one. You should be able to feel totally comfortable as yourself.
  7. Be nice: Conversely, you’ll want to allow your them to feel 100% comfortable as well!


Keeping the FuckBuddy

You've got a good thing going. Keep it that way by following these steps:

  1. Always be honest: If you find yourself falling for your fuckbuddy, or suspect that they are falling for you, you must address the situation before it gets messy or someone gets hurt.
  2. Have multiple fuckbuddies: Don’t rely on one to fulfill intimate desires as it could cause you to develop feelings that you don’t actually want. Keep multiple around!
  3. Limit it to the bedroom: In other words, don’t get too friendly with them. Keep it about sex. How you do this is up to you; however, we suggest that you don’t introduce them to your friends or family, don’t buy them gifts, and don’t text them about anything other than sex.
  4. Don’t double text: Having a fuckbuddy means having someone to text at any time, 24/7, day and night, when you want to bang. But, if they aren't in the mood or they don't answer you, don’t double text. Remember, this is an emotionally-void relationship. They don't owe you anything, so don’t drive them away by not respecting the #1 rule (don’t get emotionally attached)!

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